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Tennessee Watson, Yeshe Parks and I will be installing our stationary bike-powered audio/video ride from Central to Prospect Park at the NYC Transit Museum. Hop on our vintage stationary bike and start to peddle. The faster you peddle, the faster the video plays back! Plus a whole bunch of awesome art/fun/music throughout the museum.

Wednesday, June 25th | 6:30-8:30p

Join us at the NYCTransit Museum for an evening of live performance, GIF animation, haiku, bicycle-propelled cinematography, and a peek into the Fab Four’s journey by rail — all set against the backdrop of a decommissioned 1936 subway station.
(use code FFCREATE14 for $5 tix)

I was quite pleased to find an account with 8 “no views” videos yesterday.

The daily routine (x)

The daily routine (x)

La cabina (The Telephone Box) by Antonio Mercero

Come ride our installation on June 25th!


Inspired by the engineering, intricate choreography, and impromptu interactions of your daily commute?  Wish there was an open mic night for historians and urbanists? A show-and-tell for your creative musings on mass transit?

Us, too.  The Transit Museum presents PLATFORM, a new series of cross-disciplinary programs created by the public for the public.

Join the Transit Museum on Wednesday, June 25 for an evening of live performance, GIF animation, haiku, bicycle-propelled cinematography, and a peek into the Fab Four’s journey by rail — all set against the backdrop of our 1936 subway station home.



Anne Born, Storyteller
A Marshmallow on the Bus: A Collection of Stories Written on the MTA
For the past three and a half years, I have taken four buses a day, back and forth, from the Bronx into Manhattan. This collection of stories was written –sitting on the BX6, the M5, or the M4 –about the ride, the view, my fellow passengers, or the wait on the corner.

Jon Burgerman, Artist
It’s Great to Create
I try to share my view of the world with others, through fun images and mixed media but I am hampered by being inherently lazy and burdened by the weight of material things. To combat this I have recently embarked on projects I term as quiet interventions, where subtle, cheap, nonpermanent actions can drastically alter the reading of a situation. Public spaces, in particular train stations and subways, are ripe for this kind of exploitation.

Brett Dion, #1 Beatles Fan
How to “Train” The Beatles
The Beatles famously came to America by plane 50 years ago, but they toured by train. Just after that tour, they dramatized train travel in A Hard Day’s Night. In this clip & slideshow presentation, take a speedy journey through the Fab Four’s many challenges as they make use of the original Penn Station and take a round trip by rail. Then, climb on board and join the virtual film crew as the Beatles shoot their critically-acclaimed movie on real trains.

Alex Gallafent, Designer & Writer
Tom, Delayed
Tom, Delayed explores how public transportation transforms our experience of time into fragments of opportunity, frustration, hiatus, interruption and more. An illustrated ‘lecture’, it features short pieces of invented audio ‘archive’ that illustrate the variety, humanity, and absurdity of waiting for the next thing to come or for the journey to end.

Jenn Grossman, Musician & Sound Artist
En-Trained: Sounding the Daily Commute
A public sound installation that takes various recordings from the daily commute and composes them into a single ambient sound composition. In bringing attention to daily sounds that go unnoticed, passersby can experience the daily grind with an active ear and a new perspective.

Kai Kleinbard, Dancer & Choreographer
Creature in the City
From the depths of the underground a creature, inspired by the chaotic rhythm of rush hour and the smooth flow of trains, is born. Using urban dance forms to embody the stop and start motions of metropolitan transit, a solo improviser emerges from this platform, transforming into an otherworldly being.

Ryan SeslowCurator & Animator
Animating Transit
A series of GIF animations generated from images and inspired experiences with the transit system in NYC. Works are shown both online and offline to examine, share and express our collective sentiments.  The June 25 program will include works by Eileen MacAvery Kane, Michael Branson Smith, Alice Arnold, Katherin McInnis, and Ryan Seslow.

Sarah ShanfieldWriter
Shanfield performs haiku from her tumblr SuperZenNewYork, a blog about her commute to work in Manhattan and adventures on the subway.

Kelly Spivey, Filmmaker
Fish Under Delancey
A stop-motion, eavesdropping, dreamlike journey of a film that follows poet and writer Eileen Myles on a journey through the tile murals that line many subway platforms.  Inspired by the filmmaker’s travels from Flushing to Manhattan and throughout the boroughs of NYC.

Pia Vinson, Choreographer
An ode to the beautiful madness we only find in cities, places of cosmopolitan, architectural and emotional contrasts, where the crowd smiles, cries, yells, falls asleep.  Places that still remind you, through their positive energy, that you have come there to reach your dreams and stand out. Contrast is an invitation to bring your own color to the painting. 

Tennessee WatsonAlex Mallis & Yeshe Parks
Park to Park
An audio and video installation of a bicycle ride from Central Park to Prospect Park, set into motion by the pedaling of a stationary bicycle. Riding through city streets allows for the sights, smells, and sounds to be experienced fully. The fluidity and, at times, rigidity of different neighborhoods in NYC can be more accurately experienced and understood on bicycle.


New Caribous is hot hot hot

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